Teaching not Feeding

Pancake Day- Fat Tuesday and its versions around the world

Shrove Tuesday is upon us.

And as I sit here rather confused – the first year I can recall not heating the pan up to get my batter on- He is at work, She is at rehearsal, Parentals are not at their home so I cannot even go and force feed them… As much as I believe in feeding ones-self – I cannot make a batch of batter that doesn’t feed at least 4 – we’ve tried it doesn’t happen – and it’s not something I can really take for left overs lunch tomorrow.

So, is Pancakes all one can eat before we begin the Lenten fast? No. No, it is not. I’d forgive many people for not knowing that its Shrove Tuesday…. Not Pancake day… and around the world the traditions vary more than lemon and sugar or Nutella.

Remember that this a festival day with its origins in Catholicism – hence why we are celebrating the begging of lent- I am not giving any religious study lessons here so let’s move on to the food

Spain, its Día de la Tortilla – where they get their Spanish omelette on more than usual

South America and areas of the USA (think Louisiana) is Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras and eat their very colourful King Cake – something that started 300 years ago, as a dry French bread esq dough with sugar on top and a bean inside… now we have made this into a puff pastry, colourful icing, hiding a small plastic baby—which If it’s in the slice you put in your face slice your king of the day—- because Jesus.

Portugal – Malasadas – little balls of fried yeast dough rolled in sugar – like funfair doughnuts

Scandinavia – during Fastelavn – Fastenlavnsboller / Selma – buns with a huge amount of cream and custard like filling with almond paste finished with chocolate icing.  – eaten with warm milk…

Estonia: split pea soup (yay some savoury!)… followed by Selma (I spoke too soon)

Finland: Green Pea Soup… followed by Selma

Lithuania Sprugos – More deep fried doughnut like pastries that can contain raisins… and booooze

Malta– Kwarezimal -A almond and honey cake, and Honey-coated fried bread filled with spinach.

So what have I learnt from this research?

That I should have put the oven on before I started.

That most places are subscribing to a Carb Coma being had at the end of this day.

And that I now have a rather large desire to attempt making these for some sort of wanton feast… maybe next year for Fat Tuesday…. And seeing as in 2018 it’s the day before Valentine’s day (13th of February) I feel this might be a good dinner party to have.