Dinner, Fish, Healthy, Serves 1, Under 15mins

Dinner For One – My Curry Crusted Salmon with Broccoli and Rice.

Tonight the flat was empty. He was at work on a late. She was out at rehearsals. Sofa space to myself. Long day at work (aren’t they always?) and the temptation of the freezer food called.

However He had done as requested and taken out the salmon fillet from the freezer to defrost – sleepy Lola with a brain full of cotton wool as she headed out the door forgot-so best not waste and do something speedy to hit the satisfy spot.

At this juncture I will point out that He – not a fussy eater- is not a fan of salmon. And by not a fan I mean would rather go hungry than eat it. I think he would rather stick his hand in boiling water than cook it but I have not tested this theory and I am digressing – my point is this – I am a fan of salmon. And this is my current favorite way to serve it – maybe cos it’s tasty, Maybe cos its 10 mins to cook.



The title pretty much says it all.

  • salmon fillet
  • curry powder -table spoon
  • sugar (granulated if you want specifics) Table spoon
  • Salt (table) 1/2 Table spoon
  • oil – a lug of
  • Rice-dry Basmati- 1/2 cup
  • Tender stem Broccoli- a good few stems
  • mini leaks (optional) 2-3, sliced diagonally


mix up your curry powder, sugar and salt in a bowl.
dredge your salmon fillet through this mix, coat all sides, leave fleshy side down to create a nice “curry crust”

cup of water on to boil, when simmering add rice, then cover with steamer (I use a sieve I confess) put your greens in to this and cover with lid- or if you want to be clever use your plate/ bowl you will be serving in to warm it a bit

Heat your frying pan with the lug of oil in – let this heat for a good min or so, we want it hot
In goes your salmon -I start skin side down, but I like crispy skin. Yes I eat the skin. trust me that’s not the weirdest thing your going to read that I eat if your following this blog

4 mins

turn over salmon – If its a thick fillet I try to press it a bit to the side of the pan as well to get the sides

4 mins

Drain your rice – on to plate, top with steamed greens – arrange as fancy as you wish to bother. Top this with you lovely seared salmon

(optional) add a smear of soy sauce below the rice to season with and also do the chef-y thing of having smears of sauces.

Put in your face and (hopefully) enjoy.

Time spent : minimal – 10 mins or under

washing up : minimal

2 pans, a sieve and a bowl (or 2 if you didn’t’ just rinse and dry the first bowl) 1 fork

satisfaction – it’s a Lola trusted favorite.