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Midnight Snack – Chinese Pizza Edition

Sometimes there are nights when you return from an establishment with a need to feed. To soak up some of that whiskey and wine. I have never really been a fan of the kebab van (despite the famous rivalry between the two on my home town high street) I am not suggesting that anyone should cook if they have imbibed so much that they are having to do the close one eye to focus on the phone screen face. At this point toast and a pint of water is probably my best advice.

If however you have some sobriety still about you. Here’s an option He and I came up with recently.

Chinese Chicken Pizza


Now stop making that face because I am not talking about that faux Chinese flavoured rubber meat that has some sort of pinkish crust that various pizza shops sell as “Chinese chicken”.

This is some sort of mad backstreet baby of what happens if you mix the idea of a duck hoisin pancake and a pizza together


  • Take one Flat bread (If I ever see one reduced down I nab it for the freezer for reasons just like this)
  • 1 cooked chicken breast  -sliced or torn up – not gonna lie tipsy me tares
  • Spring onions -2 – either sliced length way or on a long slant
  • Pepper – red  – sliced into lengths
  • Rich hoisin sauce
  • Cucumber- inch piece, deseeded +cubed
  1. Flat bread (does not need to be defrosted)
  2. Hoisin sauce- using back of spoon spread over leaving about 2 cm border
  3. Sprinkle onion, pepper and chicken
  4. Use the spoon to turn some of the toppings over so you get the glaze on top
  5. Oven 10 mins –
  6. Out of oven.
  7. Sprinkle over the cucumber
  8. Eat. It’s not the tidiest dish. Use a plate/knife and fork – or roll your slices like a Hench pancake


Soaks up a sozzled  stomach, hits the taste buds, stupid simple.