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Chili Strippers- The Mighty Meaty Mouthful With a Cheesy Ending.

So, everyone likes a nibble. And I like mine to have a bit of oomph – you can make this tamer by just using mini “snacking peppers” rather than chili- but there’s something about the tingle and the kick these have that make you reach for the next one.

I made these for a Hen do… turned out a bit hotter than expected. I played the roulette…..(read further you’ll understand)

What you will need:

  • Medium chilies – Red or green – I get mixed. The straightest ones about the size of your finger.
  • Cream cheese.
  • Streaky bacon.

Slice length ways, keeping the pairs together –trust me when I say you do not want to be playing chili snap later trying to find the twin when you’re joining them up. You can leave the stalks on if you want – they generally pull off after baking anyway


Gently scoop and scrape out the inner membrane and the seeds. You don’t have to get all the seeds but be aware – the more you leave, the more you’re leaving up to the roulette of your taste buds.20170224_194714-1

Scoop between a half teaspoon to full teaspoon of soft cheese – full fat as the lesser varieties get a bit watery and leak more. There is no set amount, you want to sandwich the chilies back together wiping the seams clean, it doesn’t have to be an exact job but you want more inside the chili than outside and you want them to close nicely so you can wrap them.20170224_200238

Lie the now assembled popper on the bacon, I start from the bottom and wind upwards, slightly on the diagonal so the bacon overlaps and when cooks fuses together.20170224_200251-1

Lie along the edges of a baking tray lined with foil, any very well wrapped ones can be laid flat.20170224_203124

Put in the oven at about 180C and cook for about 40 mins, I recommend turning them at the 30 min mark to get an even crispiness

Allow to cool, but take out of the bacon juices once out of the oven, arrange on a plate and eat when you dare. They are good hot, they are good cold. They never seem to last long once out on the table.20170224_224115