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Bank holiday Best Eats: Brunches, Dinners and Bakes

So the spring bank holiday is coming to an end. Its dark outside. We are debating on if that was a bat or a bird we sort darting past the window… and i have to say it is one of the best dinner bank holidays that I can remember in a long time…. so heres a bit of a brag.

Roasted Harissa and Garlic Chicken in Pittas

It started with a Friday night: with a quick roasted small chicken dressed in Harissa paste, garlic, coriander and olive oil. Served in pitta breads with dips and some salad. Proper finger (licking) food that was really a bit of mucking about with the mortar and pestle, smothering the flesh and then letting it rock out in the oven while we (I) do the post work shake off and feet up and perhaps a bit of the ol’ red leg rum… Roast chicken doesn’t have to stay tucked away for a Sunday…

Saturday morning….

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Coffee cake for Mummas birthday 

I know I’ve gone quite quiet… been practicing ideas so nothing ready for show and tell. Although a few diamond finds of cook  books in charity shops promise some exciting trials to come. 

But I did make a cake for my mum’s birthday. It’s not perfect but I’m very proud. It’s coffee cake and it’s very very tasty… And and she was very happy with it

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My first bake off entry

For years I have baked. It all started with my mum. Whose amazing creations wowed me and are still vivid in my memory. I hoard the printed photos from mine and my brothers childhood birthdays. I assisted with my ‘aunty’ with items for her catering company (her chocolate roulade never to be surpassed)

I took food Tec at school for GCSE. I have fed my friends feasts of cakes and cookies. I’m not fantastic. I have no place in front of Mrs Berry or Mr Hollywood. But I’m up for a friendly competion… which is exactly what my workplace proposed. Theme being Easter. Here is my completed offering. It did not win. But I’m still proud of it.