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Duck Eggs with Ham Wrapped Asparagus Dunkers

Just because I’m trying to shed a few (hundred) pounds does not mean that my love for a good weekend breakfast has disappeared. If anything I now resolve to keep my brunching antics but within plan!   aware that this makes me sound a bit posh but duck eggs are so under used and their flavour and yolks are worth the extra pennies – and if Sunday isn’t the day for a bit of luxury then when is?


So Dunkie Duck Eggs with Ham Wrapped Asparagus Dunkers.

it’s all in the title really. However for the sake of the blog and preserving a record of my meals:


serves 2

  • 4 Duck eggs
  • Bunch of Asparagus
  • Wafer Ham

Pre heat over to 180C,  fill sauce pan 3/4 full with water. Turn hob on and pop the asparagus in (or steam above the water if just using the tips….). When the water comes to the boil – take them out but leave the water on the boil. Take a slice of wafer thin ham and wrap around the asparagus shaft, lie on a baking sheet and mist with low cal cook spray if you really want (I didn’t)20170910_134110

Pop tray in to oven and put eggs in to boiling sauce pan. Cook for 4 -5 mins for Delicious gooey soft yolk, up to 10 if you want them harder (but then you cant really dunk)

Pop the eggs into egg cups – smack/crack the heads to let the heat out and prevent them from cooking much further while you get your asparagus out.

Serve with pinch of salt and a smug feeling of Sunday started well.



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Bank holiday Best Eats: Brunches, Dinners and Bakes

So the spring bank holiday is coming to an end. Its dark outside. We are debating on if that was a bat or a bird we sort darting past the window… and i have to say it is one of the best dinner bank holidays that I can remember in a long time…. so heres a bit of a brag.

Roasted Harissa and Garlic Chicken in Pittas

It started with a Friday night: with a quick roasted small chicken dressed in Harissa paste, garlic, coriander and olive oil. Served in pitta breads with dips and some salad. Proper finger (licking) food that was really a bit of mucking about with the mortar and pestle, smothering the flesh and then letting it rock out in the oven while we (I) do the post work shake off and feet up and perhaps a bit of the ol’ red leg rum… Roast chicken doesn’t have to stay tucked away for a Sunday…

Saturday morning….

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Sunshine Eggs

Good Morning Bank Holiday Weekend (in the UK) Today is not the day for cereal or limp toast. Put away your quick fix get out the door smoothie. Today is the day for brunch. Something fantastic and filling served a little later (because you’ve gotten up a little later).Something that will bring you some joy.


I cannot guarantee the weather outside for bank holiday Britain I can put some sunshine on your plate. And if you can fry an egg… you can make these. Continue reading “Sunshine Eggs”

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Middle Eastern eggs with merguez and Pistachios – Brilliant Brunch


Found as I was flicking through one of my numerous cooking magazines- an April edition from a few years back- and He and I spy something that we both think “now that would make a good Saturday brunch.”

If he and I are both off on a weekend day breakfast normally rolls over into being some sort of brunch and its becoming as somewhat reliable tradition.

I confess that I did not actually use the sausages named in the title -merguez- which are a lamb and beef sausage from north Africa. I am sure I could have found some if I had looked harder – but what I found were some nice Aberdeen Angus beef sausages reduced down – have I mentioned He is Scottish?- and I cannot resist a good yellow label if I know I have a recipe it will work in.


What you will need

Drizzle of olive oil / rape seed oil

1 red onion – chopped

6 merguez sausages (I ended up using Aberdeen angus and black pepper chipolatas.)

15 cherry tomatoes halved

Pinch of sugar (any sugar)

3 tsp harissa paste

2 eggs

2 wholemeal pitta breads

Pinch of paprika (apparently optional – I think not so optional-

2 tbsp. Greek yogurt

Few sprigs of parsley

Heat drizzle in heavy bottom small frying pan – cast iron if you have it. Something sturdy if you don’t

Add onion and cook for a few mins until soft, push them to one side. Add sausages and fry for 5-20 mins rolling them around in the pan till they get golden.

Add tomatoes, sugar, harissa, season well and add a splash of water – cook for 5-10 mins stirring now and again

The tomatoes will cook down into a nice chunky sauce

Push sauces to one side and create two large holes in the sauce so you can crack your eggs in. cook for 4-5 mins until whites are set and yolks are still runny – toast the pittas at this stage.

Sprinkle paprika on to eggs- just a pinch, dollop on the yogurt and sprinkle with pistachios and parsley

Serve with the pittas cut in half and on the side

Listen to something that makes you feel like you’re in the sun. Enjoy. This really was a treat for my taste buds. And His. And She came home and thought the house smelt delicious… WINNER

Wash up.

Chop board


Measuring spoons.

1 frying pan

Whatever you serve it in if you don’t eat it straight from your pan when you bring it to your table.

Nom nom nom

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Bacon Breakfast Scones


Most important meal of the day.

And so many people are out the door on an empty stomach with a thin lining of coffee/tea – so with a tiny bit of preprep you can have these ready to go and help make it one of the tastiest too

Also fantastic at feeding ravenous teenagers that are eating you out of house and home and you want something to make them happy with their home made packed lunch.


Makes a Bacon-dozen

  • 100g butter + a bit for greasing
  • half a pack of cooking bacon
  • 275g self raising flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 150ml milk
  • 50ml sunflower oil
  • 1 egg
  • Some chopped chives
  • 150g grated mozzarella


Heat up your oven to 200C (180 if your fan assisted)

grease a cupcake tin / be prepared for this to need a tray and a half

fry off the bacon on a medium heat till crispy and golden, put to one side and allow to cool. Slice up into tasty chunks. Try not to snack on them.

In a mixing bowl combine the flour and baking powder, tsp of salt.

Rub in the butter till you have a nice bowl of what resembles breadcrumbs

In a small jug, measure out your milk, oil and then whisk in your egg, pour this into your mix and mix together-

at this point I am going to tell you to use a utensil that is not one of your flat mates forks… use a spatula or a proper wooden spoon – why> because forks can snap apparently.

add in your cheese, bacon and chives -this is when my fork snapped-

mix it up so nice and combined.

spoon into the cupcake tin and bake for 20 mins till golden

these are freezable and keep well in a tin also. So you make your batch, and they are going to be ready for on the go every morning without much thought- you can re warm them in the morning or eat them cold.


wash up:

cupcake tin, large bowl, measuring jug, mixing implement (not a fork)