About Lola

Who is Lola

Lola might not be the best cook in the world.

But she knows what food she likes

She knows good food shared is an act of love.

To spread the love she’s sharing food

(and the recipes, thoughts and ideas)

that spark in her some what chaotic kitchen

I Started this Blog without much of a mission- just to talk about food and what I cook- But now I’m on a mission – to eat tasty but loose the tummy ! (as of September 2017 )

About the person behind the persona

Disclaimer now :

Not trained in any school of cookery – unless you count food Tec GCSE –

I have always found that my food is better in taste than presentation- but I would prefer something I look forward to the next forkful of chew- than think its better left on the plate to observe!

I also like to write. So I felt I might as well add my efforts into the world wide web. Maybe you might find a little inspiration, maybe it might give you a giggle, and if i’m spending time typing at least I’m not eating another chocolate biscuit.

I am not endorsed by any supermarket, I am not affiliated with any organisation. I am following a healthy eating plan but am no means a voice of authority on it.

I bake, I cook, I chop, I plan. I get into my vintage themes,I like food history, I am constantly thinking of my food future (Whats for dinner?) I’ll share with you what I have brought to the table, and my musings on foodie fashions of the time. You might not like all that I have to offer – but as so many mothers have said – if you don’t try it how do you know you don’t like it?



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