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Bank holiday Best Eats: Brunches, Dinners and Bakes

So the spring bank holiday is coming to an end. Its dark outside. We are debating on if that was a bat or a bird we sort darting past the window… and i have to say it is one of the best dinner bank holidays that I can remember in a long time…. so heres a bit of a brag.

Roasted Harissa and Garlic Chicken in Pittas

It started with a Friday night: with a quick roasted small chicken dressed in Harissa paste, garlic, coriander and olive oil. Served in pitta breads with dips and some salad. Proper finger (licking) food that was really a bit of mucking about with the mortar and pestle, smothering the flesh and then letting it rock out in the oven while we (I) do the post work shake off and feet up and perhaps a bit of the ol’ red leg rum… Roast chicken doesn’t have to stay tucked away for a Sunday…

Saturday morning….

There was a bit of sunshine on the plate…. with my first brunch of the three day  lie in Sunshine Eggs  20170521_120351


Saturday night- Fake away time. Thai Curry

I’m not going to pretend i made all of the side bits… I’m sure we will do that culinary adventure again soon to post on here… but it really is ok to take advantage of the offerings of the premade section in many of the supermarkets out there.
We were using up the left overs of a Thai chicken curry I made earlier in the week – a note on the learning curve it was a touch thin on the sauce side. I didn’t want to use tomato paste to thicken it- wrong colour, wrong flavour. Could have used cornflour to help thicken but I wanted to see if another trick some one once told me would work – and I happened to have some in the fridge that needed using up – Yogurt. OK it was a Mango and passion fruit tub… but hang on don’t they go in some curries? I’m not making a specific tradition curry… so in it goes along with the rest of the chicken off the roast from Friday- REVELATION amazing. a truly filling, delicious night in after He’s got in from work and we are trying to save and avoid that take away menu.


Sunday Morning. Middle Eastern eggs with merguez and Pistachios – Brilliant Brunch.. attempt no 2.

But this time with the sausage in its title and not a make shift replacement as we did before. We also decide to experiment with something that is apparently seasonal.


Turkey eggs. And we did feel that this take 2 on the middle eastern eggs was amazing, more so than the first attempt…


Sunday Night-
Slow cooked Sunday Dinner = Slow cooked Duck legs in White wine Honey and Thyme.

I’m going to post this in full soon – even if the method is basically in the title.

Its one of His favorites(and mine) and is one of those comforting foods where its hardly any thought or hassle but is just… divine.



Monday Brunch –

I really haven’t been getting up any earlier than i have to this weekend- And we finished our triple threat breakfast/brunch menu and we go with the classic- the omelet… chorizo, onion and cheese with chilli and salad omelets to be precise


Monday baking- realizing that He is rubbish at eating before he leaves for work at 5.10… but then again who wants to eat when they first wake up let alone at that time. So I like to make a packed breakfast of something to have when he gets his mouth around some coffee… no one should work on an empty stomach. your body is a machine (some people say a temple but I don’t see many temples running after their bus in the morning), and trying to run a car on the fumes of petrol is basically what your doing every morning you don’t start some metabolizing in your own body- so we made some Banana Loaf- I don’t recommend everyone has cake for breakfast – but this can be packed in his bag the night before so there’s not excuse that he forgot – which can happen to anyone at 5 am.

Monday Dinner. Venison steak with roast veg.

I don’t do all the cooking in this flat- far from it. And this is one that he does so well that I’m never going to try to cook this. We picked the pack up on a yellow label swoop in the last month – (as were the ducks and merguez… and the pitas) and so thaws and marinated in blueberries and serves with plum jam

And now its Monday night. I’ve packed my breakfast and lunch.. which are no way going to be as decadent as any of my meals this weekend… but I think that’s the point of bank holidays …. right?





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