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Sunshine Eggs

Good Morning Bank Holiday Weekend (in the UK) Today is not the day for cereal or limp toast. Put away your quick fix get out the door smoothie. Today is the day for brunch. Something fantastic and filling served a little later (because you’ve gotten up a little later).Something that will bring you some joy.


I cannot guarantee the weather outside for bank holiday Britain I can put some sunshine on your plate. And if you can fry an egg… you can make these. You will need

Slices of bread (rustic loaf works as well as presliced white loaf) – as many as you are making
eggs – as many to match you slices of bread
sunflower oil
butter (optional)


  • In a wide flat fry pan get your sunflower oil heating up.
  • Using a round cookie cutter remove the center of the bread. Set the discs to one side- waste not! In a wide flat fry pan get your sunflower oil heating up.
  • Now depending on the size 20170521_115246of your frying pan you might be able to do 2 of these at once, or maybe just the one. Your bread must lay flat in the pan. A to fry nicely. B because the eggs need to go in the hole… and stay in the hole.
  • Put the bread discs in the toaster
  • Allow one side of your bread to fry nicely. Flip over. Now crack the egg in the center of the hole, pop a lid over the frying pan and allow to cook until the white is set but the yoke is still runny – you can flip these back over onto side a if you prefer a set yoke but wait till the whites are set ish otherwise your just gonna splatter EVERYWHERE.
  • Butter your toast discs.
  • Serve with Bacon and Beans (and any other cooked breakfast item you wish really)





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