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Reassuring Risotto – Roast Chicken and Pea


So after a Roast Chicken, you are left with all you need to make that meal stretch into another using the bare-ish bones you were going the throw away (see Bone Smashing Time -Chicken stock for the soul.) The packet of frozen peas that are in your freezer – that you probably partly used for said roast. Bit of butter – which you should have left from the basting of your chicken. Wine (not essential) because I normally have some sort of bottle on the go – and roast chicken without wine is weird at my table. Parmesan – the only bit I didn’t use in my roast but there is normally some cheese in the fridge doing not alot.

My mother – knowing I’m foodie inclined (we had to share a kitchen for many years) often gifts me the chicken carcass from her roasts dinners( we live less than a mile away) because I hate the idea of a free meal going to waste – and looking after the pennies helps pay the rent.

so make Monday night a (virtually) free dinner

What you Need:

The stock you’ve made from your roast chicken carcass after your Sunday roast

The meat you’ve picked off your roast chicken carcass after your Sunday roast

1 onion – fine chop

Olive oil -tablespoon / “a lug”

A Cup of risotto rice

Glass of white wine (not compulsory)

A cup of Frozen peas

Bit of Butter

Parmesan – Cheddar will be accepted – a good inch chunk


  • Peel and finely chop the onions – put them in a large pan on a low heat the olive oil.
  • Cook for around 15 mins / softened but not coloured. -Stir occasionally
  • Stir in 300g risotto rice -allow to soak up the onion-y oils.
  • turn up the heat -add in a glass of white wine or vermouth if you have it to perfume the dish.
  • Allow this to cook out / be absorbed so it looks like you never added it
  • Add stock a ladle at a time – allowing it to sizzle away (see above) before adding the next ladle.
  • Stirring regularly for 16 mins in total while you add Ladle after Ladle( I typically use the cup from measuring cos I avoid washing up where I can) – leaving a bit of stock left over (see below)
  • Add frozen peas and any left over chicken  -cook for a few (3-4) mins
  • The rice should be cooked but still holding its shape.
  • Adding a final splash of stock – loosey oozy consistency.
  • Beat in the butter + g rate in most of the Parmesan (other hard cheese acceptable)
  • Remove from heat and leave covered for 2 mins and allow the fats and the rice to muddle together as they should.
  • Finish with olive oil (not essential) and serve with rocket or other leafy salad.


Wash up roll call

1 saucepan (+ the pan with the stock if made fresh) – 1 cup (+ 1 ladle if you didn’t use the cup to add stock)- spatula / wooden spoon- grater, 2 bowls, 2 forks,


Satisfaction- made virtually for free from what’s left from Sundays chicken / cupboard staples


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