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Calzones – better than being put in the friend zone

I’m not suggesting you eat a cat. Nor feed this to one. This is to represent the feels of after you have consumed.

Sometimes I need a carb overload. Sometimes I need to bury myself in soft cheese and tomato ooziness with a suggestion that something in there might be healthy to make the world seem like a better place.

Sometimes I need to feed a hungry hoard with something that makes my brothers say “oh yeah, I could totally eat 2 or 3 of those” they can’t they can eat one. They are filling and substantial and the make my world a better place. What are they? My Calzones. I wonder if they are named for being calorie-zones. But these are for the days you do not care. These are for the day that you care about your inner tummy not the look of your outer tummy. It’s like a Cornish pasty had an affair on an Italian holiday, I give to you their pizza baby.



You will need:

Bread packet mix, be adventurous, get seeded. It gives for flavour and texture.

100g passata

Jar of roasted peppers, drained and chopped

125g sweetcorn

125g mozzarella, torn up

50g hard cheese – I’m not going to judge your cheddar instead of parmesan

50g pesto – green or red, but I would go for the spicier ones.

Pepperami – chopped into half cm discs – or use cooked chicken, or go without for veggie

1 egg, beaten

Salad- if you’re going to try and make this a some sort of balanced meal.


  • Make up the bread mix and leave to prove 45min
  • Line a tray
  • Punch the dough back
  • Tip out and split into 4
  • Roll out into rounds the size of a dinner plate
  • Mix your passata and pesto together, spread over your base leaving a cm border
  • Top with sweetcorn/cheeses/meat- there Is no science to the scatter – just don’t pile too high or they won’t close
  • Fold your bread plates over in half to make half moons, squeezing the edges to seal
  • Cover with cling film/ clean kitchen towel and leave to prove for 15min
  • Heat your oven up in this time, we are going for 200C
  • Egg wash your moons
  • Back for half an hour till golden
  • Eat! – be warned molten cheese will be occurring.



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