Dinner, Healthy, Serves 2, super filling, Under 30 min

Mighty Meaty Mouthful : the upgrade

So, last week was the Stuffed poppers, He was a bit miffed that he missed them – them having been made for a Hen do. I promised to make it up to him. So, I give you:

Gulliver’s Mighty Meaty Mouthful… the version you can have for dinner not nibbles!


-less spicy because it’s a Romano pepper not a chilli pepper –

-stick to my rule about needing to use streaky bacon however – its just wraps that much nicer

This is less than 5 mins’ prep, a 30 mins – 40 min cook, an evening of – mmm that was nice.

What you will need

  • 200g tub of cream cheese
  • Pack of steaky bacon
  • 2 Romano peppers


Serve with salad and a nice Jacket potato.

  1. Oven at 180C,
  2. Slice Romano length ways,
  3. In goes the cream cheese. make sure that at least one “half” of the pepper is thickly filled- but not both cos it gets oooozy
  4. Sandwich together, wrap in the bacon,  about 6 slices of streaky per pepper.
  5. On to foil -Into oven
  6. Crispy Crisp for 30-40 mins.
  7. Prep your salad (do it now cos then you can wash up before its outs of the oven)
  8. Assemble a serve.

Washing up:

knife, chop board, spoon (if you didn’t use your fingers to stuff the cream cheese) 2 plates. cutlery.


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