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Carbolara Imitation Carbonara


Something tasty made with store cupboard standards. Doesn’t break the bank, but it does stop the tummy rumbles- on the table in under 15 minutes and the smile on His face when he knows it’s a Carbolara night – well that’s a bonus. It’s Carbolara because its not quiet carbonara…


  • Cup of pasta – I’m not going to tell you what shape. Whatever you have going.
  • Cooking bacon – ’bout half a pack, more if you want it.
    Less if your an idiot
  • olive oil – drizzle.
  • 1 egg
  • cup of Grated cheddar- something with a bit of flavor is always best
  • garlic- teaspoon of the crushed frozen ready to cook with stuff
  • Rosemary- teaspoon of dried if its what you got, Fresh is better, His preference is when I use the Rosemary and Olive shaker

prep everything before you get started. Because it starts slow with the boiling of the water but once you get frying things can move quickly. Your on the table in no more than 15 mins. My record is 9…

Get pan of water on the go and start cooking the pasta according to the pack.

Slice up the bacon – as you can see I prefer it chunky and get it sizzling in a good hot frying pan. When its getting golden and crispy add in the garlic and seasoning, give it a min or two while you give it a good stir. and then get it off the heat. Else the next steps going to leave you with scrambled eggs in your pasta….

Meanwhile whisk up an egg into the grated cheese with a fork. By now your pasta should be nearing being cooked. Take out about half a cup of the pasta water.Whisk into cheesy eggness till a bit smooth

Now this is the quick bit-

Drain the pasta, drop into the fry pan with the bacon bits, pour in the cheesy
mix and mix mix mix.
The heat of the pan and pasta will cook out the egg and make it into a creamy tasty sauce- promise. You just need to have done it quick but have gotten your pan off the heat.

Serve in to a bowl with some salad leafs and wolf down. Job done. Food coma in progress.


Washing up : Chopping board (you can avoid this if you use scissors to cut up your bacon and do it straight into the pan.) kitchen scissors/knife, frying pan, saucepan, cheese grater, two bowls, two forks

Satisfaction – serious carb coma ensues. This is not a light lunch. Well maybe it could be if you serve it between more people. But no matter how much I cook in the hope that i have some for the next days lunch box there’s never enough left… but there is always seconds in His bowl.

Twists in the tale- add mushrooms if you got some in your fridge, cooked chicken if you fancy, olives if your inclined( i am not)


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