Take a seat around the Table. Welcome home

Oh Hello.

Welcome. I hope your hungry.

But not too hungry or you might be reaching for the chocolate biscuits before we get to the actual cooking- and that would spoil your appetite.

I like food, talking about it, cooking it, eating it, and now – writing about it!

I seem to be constantly scribbling away things for friends and family of things I have cooked that they think are hard, but really the hardest thing about them is breaking the habit of sticking to the same old freezer food. There is nothing wrong with this – but sometimes it can be just as easy to make from scratch- if not cheaper and tastier too. And even if it is a little bit more work, there’s a lot of joy to be had. So here we are,at my table.

I’m going to try and keep it a mix of things I have cooked, things to try, things never to try again (in my opinion)

placed I have eaten,

foodie thoughts,

hints and hacks of how this lady keeps her – and those around her table -tummies happy.

There’s always room for more at this table.